Ethan's Story

Chicago Police Officers responded to a call of suspicious noise coming from an empty apartment in the early morning hours of August 26, 2018. The person who lived there moved out 3 weeks earlier. Little did they know the noise they heard was me. I could barely move and all I could do was moan and cry for help. It seemed like forever but I was sure happy to see those officers come through the door. They wasted no time in getting me out of there. They brought me to the station where I met my saving dad, Lieutenant John Garrido. He then took me t0 Niles Animal Hospital where I met Dr. Peter Sakas. They didn’t think I was going to make it and that’s when my saving mom, Anna Garrido, gave me the name Ethan.

Ethan struggling to hold on at Niles Animal Hospital. 8/26/18

Ethan struggling to hold on at Niles Animal Hospital. 8/26/18

Dr. Sakas and his team at Niles Animal Hospital worked tirelessly night and day to save my life. Doctors and staff took turns feeding me small amounts of food to slowly build strength. As my muscles started to come back they slowly taught me how to walk again.


My saving mom Anna and future foster mom Basia Smitka came to visit me every day to help with feeding and walking therapy. It was a slow and often times painful recovery, but I could feel the love that surrounded me. Every single human I met from the time I saw those Chicago Police Officers forward poured their love into me to give me strength to survive.


I even had a cage mate Buffy. She was attacked by a raccoon and also barely survived. But thanks again to Dr. Sakas and his team, she was working through her recovery at the same time; we got through it together.


And of course all of you in the world of social media; YES, your “thoughts and prayers” did help. Your love and support gave me what I needed to recover and give the love back 100 time over. You were there for me and now I am here for you. I love each and every one of you.


I even have a pretty cool foster brother named Max who helps me get better and teaches me how to be cool like him. I love him very much; he is my new best friend.


The person who did this to me is one individual and I have learned that most humans are not like him. Thankfully my saving dad and his fellow officers worked night and day to find and arrest the man who left me alone in that apartment. Over 40 of you showed up in court to make sure justice would be served and for that I thank you again. Here is an update:

My saving mom and dad have a rescue called Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation. Buffy and I are just two of the many dogs and cats the Foundation has helped to save. If you are here, you are probably part of the foundation as well. It’s a huge network of people that help in lots of ways. From physically volunteering to even sharing a post and praying for recovery. It’s a giant network that needs every part to continue and for that Buffy and I thank you.

That is how my story began! We later learned that I was born on October 21, 2017. I hope you enjoy following my adventures in the years to come and spread love, joy and good vibes so all the other Ethans and Buffys out there can live the lives they deserve.