As a 501(c)3, pet rescue is our primary goal and we are only able to do it with the help of our ever growing network of animal lovers. We are 100% volunteer based and 98% of money raised is used for veterinary care and the remaining 2% on food, supplements and supplies.  We do not have a facility and we do not rehome pets. Our goal and mission is to reunite pets with their owners.

For those pets that come in need of veterinary care, Dr. Peter Sakas and his team at the Niles Animal Hospital are always there to help us without hesitation.  Everything from spay/neuter, to vaccinations, surgeries, dental work, x-rays and more. Some animals come extremely matted and the Dog House of L.C.&L gives the rescues a makeover at their day spa. Some dogs have to be trained and we can only accomplish this through help from Dog Den Chicago

The discounted cost for one vaccinated and neutered/spayed pet is about $400.00.  Surgeries range from $1,000 to $5,000. Dental work runs between $270 to $1,200. These costs do not include other expenses, such as medications, specialty foods, etc.

Without your financial support, we would not be able to help these rescues in need.  

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98% of All donations go to veterinary care

Choose how you’ll help today. Thank you. You are part of our team!

To donate by check, please send to:

Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation
5310 N. Harlem Ave., Suite 210
Chicago, Il. 60656

Make a Tribute or Memorial Donation

You can make a tribute or a memorial donation in honor or memory of a pet, friend or family member. Just send us a note to let us know the details of your donation and we will post an update.

Send Us a Note

Thank You For Your Generosity and Support!

09/26/19 - Gail and John Goles -Thank you for your generous donation in memory of your young friend Gregory Kurzeja.

06/22/19 - Kiley Moore -Thank you for your generous donation in honor of your friend Andrew. A note from Kiley “ A loving donation made in honor of your birthday, Andrew, in memory of Cassius.”

05/02/2019 - Laura Whitehouse -Thank you for your generous donation in honor of your Dad, Ron Whitehouse.  Sissy & Buddy are missing you as much as we are Dad. Our tails will never wag the same…until we meet again. Love Always, Michael & Lynn and Laura & Gary

On 04/24/19 Heaven Gained Another Angel ~Dennis was a great man and profound animal lover. Along with his wife Cheryl, he always supported GSRF. In Loving Memory of Dennis James Morrissey a generous donation was made to GSRF by Cheryl Kolomay-Morrissey, Marie Esposito, Pete and Carol Paulsen - Thank You

On 04/17/19 Heaven Gained Another Angel~Jill had a special love for her pugs Otis, Pickle, and Stella, and supported GSRF. In Loving Memory of Jill Marie Doherty (Walstead) a generous donation was made to GSRF by Laura Kern, Megan Angell, Margaret (Peg) Golden Shoemaker, Michele Gingerich, Jane Chadwick, Timothy and Teresa Foster, Lorraine Louder, Susan Maples, Judith Gyurci, Kay Kruse, Starr M. Robinson and Associates, P.C., Mary Bach, Lita Claar, Amy and Robert Wenzl, Janet O’Malley, Judy Meindl, Gloria Pope, Mary Jo Holmstrand, Rosemary and Scott Birchall, Steven Spina, Deanna Henriksen, Jan Schneider, Sharon Nash, Dodi Tschantz, Donald and Andrea Slupik, Gwen Friedow, Shiela Rolf, Beth and Russ Abstein, Carly McKusick, Mary and Tony Skenzich and the Gaschos -Thank You

2018 and 2019 - Pamela Petersen - Thank You for always stepping up for our pups and your continued generous donations in honor of your late husband Detective Robert Kleinschmidt (EOW 05/06/08) and your late pup Pinot Di Grigio.

03/29/19 - Theresa Hudgins - Thank You for your generous donation in memory of Maximus.

03/28/19 - Donna Dowd- Thank You for your generous donation in memory of Snoopy Rowling. Snoopy brought such joy to his family and crossed the rainbow bridge way to soon.

03/20/19 - Sara Paretsky - Thank You for your generous donation in honor of your late husband - Courtenay Wright.

03/10/19 - Dany Helwink-Masters - Thank You for your generous birthday donation in honor of your cousin Lawton Warzala.

02/14/19 - Jimmy Zissis -Thank You and Luka for your generous donation in memory of your parents.