The Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation serves the animals and families of Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Our primary goal is pet rescue.

Whenever we encounter a pet in need of medical care, Dr. Peter Sakas and his team at the Niles Animal Hospital are always there to help us without hesitation.  Everything from spay/neuter, to vaccinations, surgeries, dental work, x-rays and more. For those animals that come to us needing a makeover because of extremely matted fur, the Dog House of L.C.&L gives the rescues a makeover at their day spa.  

We support “no kill” community coalitions that are committed to reducing the number of cats and dogs in that community who are at risk of becoming lost, abandoned or relinquished to shelters.

We also strongly believe in Proactive Redemptions. One of the most overlooked areas for reducing killing in animal control shelters are lost animal reclaims. Primarily shifting from passive to a more proactive approach—has proven to have a significant impact on lifesaving and allow shelters to return a large percentage of lost animals to their families.

We are able to make a difference in the Chicago community and in the lives of animals every day because of donor support. Veterinary visits are costly.  To learn more about how you can get involved and how your donation can make a difference, visit our donations page.